Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When the Rain Comes

Something I'm definitely having difficulty getting accustomed to: rainbows in the morning.

I grew up in Denver, where rains came in the afternoon, if at all, and rainbows are usually best observed around 4:00 pm, as the sun lowered over the mountains, and the rainclouds passed off to the east.In the BVI, the rains come pretty much any time of day, but the rainbows are usually most visible and vibrant in the morning, with the sun breaking over the top of the island.

It's also a new phenomenon to me to be able to actually see "the end of the rainbow", something I can never recall having seen before. Here, the rainbows seem to disappear into the waves, and it seems like if you just had a fast enough boat, you could reach the place where the rainbow meets the water, and bathe in the multicolored light.

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  1. And maybe find the pot o' gold too! How wonderful to wake up to rainbows!


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