Thursday, February 10, 2011

Basset Burps

The topic of today's post is pretty unrelated to the BVIs, but since the blog is called Basset's View of the Islands, I figured I could talk a little today about that basset.

Flash, lovely basset hound that he is, has developed a little habit. I think it started in Florida, and has only gotten worse, growing more frequent and forceful over the years.

You see, Flash likes to burp.

Flash's burps are not quiet affairs, like I imagine they are for most dogs, since I have never before heard a dog burp audibly. Flash's burps are long, gurgling, resounding eruptions of gas. Perhaps belch is the word I ought to use, as they remind me of TV depictions of the way beer-drinking, couch-potatoing men sound when burping.

Not only does Flash burp audibly on a regular basis, but he seems to get a bit of ironic pleasure out of it, as he usually chooses the quietest possible moments to really let one rip. Occasionally, when we chastise him for his burping, he'll immediately let out another.

Is there anyone else out there whose dogs burp? If so, let me know, so that I don't feel quite so alone in Flash's weirdness.


  1. Yes, my beloved dog burps. It happens after a satisfying time at the food bowl. It's not loud or long but is a definite burp. I usually thank him for sharing.

  2. Glad to know there are others out there with burping dogs.

  3. I think the Duff has been reading your blog...last night she let one rip right after dinner....never happened before!


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