Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Local's Corner

We started our day off together on Friday with breakfast at the Moorings' Mariner Inn in Wickham' Cay. It is the nature of the tourist complex that many of the best restaurants on the island are connected to hotels, but most do a good job of giving their restaurants a distinct character apart from the hotel. So it is with the two restaurants at the Moorings.

Having previously eaten at Charlie's, the Moorings' Italian restaurant, we decided to eat at the Moorings' main restaurant for breakfast. The menu looked pretty appetizing, with a varied selection of traditional American and Continental breakfast items. But my attention was arrested by the "Local's Corner" portion of the menu.

While I realize the US is unusual in its preference for sweet breakfasts, and that savory breakfast is preferred in much of the rest of the world, entre├ęs such as "Pigs' Tail Souse" and "Locally Prepared Saltfish" did not seem like acceptable additions to the category of "breakfast" in my definition. Sauteed liver and onions may be delicious, but it's generally not what I'm looking for as a morning meal.

HB had a hankering for the rum-soaked french toast, which he had tried previously and thoroughly enjoyed, and I was simply not brave enough to try any of the offerings from the "Local's Corner", so I cannot report to you on their viability as breakfast, or meals for other times of the day. I can, however, recommend the Mooring's restaurant for breakfast, as the french toast and coffee was delicious. Just be prepared to spend some time there. Service was a little slow, but with views of the marina and a lovely relaxing breeze, it's almost forgivable.

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  1. The coconut bread and egg sandwich sounds good!!!! Have to agree with the assessment on what constitutes a breakfast menu!!!!


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