Monday, February 14, 2011


In September, facing only uncertain prospects of cable installation, HB and I would occasionally go to Mulligan's on Sunday to watch the football games. After I started work in Novemeber, we really settled into a routine. I would get off work at 4:00, HB would pick me up, and we would get to Mulligan's in time to catch the last quarter of the early games. We'd have a few beers, and a couple of cheeseburgers, and usually leave after the first half of the late games. Even after we got cable TV at home, the routine continued - I think we (or at least I) looked forward to our weekly cheeseburger as much as watching football.

Well, obviously, football season ended last Sunday. The Superbowl was played, and when we went to Mulligan's yesterday afternoon, I found I missed the football. It was much quieter without the crowd of expats hoping to catch their team's game. I didn't even want a cheeseburger.

In Colorado and Florida, I always rather looked forward to the end of football season. No longer would HB and I be stuck inside on glorious Sunday afternoons watching TV -- we could get out of the house and enjoy the weather. This year, at least so far, I'm rather missing it. Mulligan's nature as an outdoor bar actually meant we could have the best of both worlds: football AND the out-of-doors.

Now, I will look for my weekly dose of outside elsewhere, which is easier said than done, as Tortola is very quiet on Sundays. The days are lengthening and warming though, and hopefully soon there will be enough daylight left after I get off at 4:00 to make trips to the beach worthwhile. HB and I will be able to get our fill of snorkeling and swimming. I guess I am looking forward to the end of football season this year, too, just a little belatedly.

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