Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I noticed on my way to work on Saturday that a house on Zion Hill had a piece of yellow poster board stapled to a tree, proclaiming "Food Sale Today". Another piece of poster board around the corner, stapled to another tree, offered a brief menu, listing the delicacies that might be found within. I didn't have time to stop for pictures, but on my way home, I observed that the menu was still there, and in the meantime, a canopy had been set up, and tables and chairs seemed to flow and course over the lawn. A few cars were parked in the driveway, and the Food Sale customers appeared content and at ease as they limed the day away in the fading afternoon light.

Resolved to photograph the scene the next chance I got, I stopped by on Monday afternoon. To my dismay, the signs had been taken down, and the canopy, tables and chairs put away. What I thought at first was just a makeshift, make-do permanent restaurant was apparently just evidence that the pop-up restaurant trend is reaching far and wide.

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