Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Current likes

I was thinking this morning about the things I appreciate a little more now that I live in the BVI. 

1. Rain. I've always enjoyed a good, rainy day to curl up with a good book, drink some tea, and stay inside. Now, though, rain means water -- every time that it rains, our cistern gets replenished, and a full cistern is important when there is no municipal water for weeks on end.

 2. Brakes. They stop your car, which is quite useful, but in the BVI, brakes are even more important. They keep you from flying down a steep, windy hill at breakneck speeds and prevent you from hitting the bull in the road in front of you.

3. Sunrises. I used to love watching the sunrise when I was little, but sometime around 14, sleeping became much more important than sunrises. Now, at least two days a week, when I get up before 7:00, I get to see the sunrise over the harbor/Fahie Hill. I hadn't realized I much I'd missed it.

4. Dog Groomers. I'm not sure what the cause is -- the extra time spent outdoors, the humidity, some bizarre pollen or dust mite -- but the dogs get so much dirtier here. Roscoe, who used to go six to nine months without a bath, gets matted and coated in dirt in six weeks. And as far as I know, there aren't any dog groomers on Tortola.

What are you appreciating more in your life right now?

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  1. At minus 10 degrees, a furnace that works well!


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