Saturday, February 26, 2011

Schedule Change

My absence the last two days was unplanned, but it was intentional. I have come to realize that the posting schedule I set for myself back when I decided to stop posting on Sundays has just not been working for me. This has been evidenced by my occasional lack of posts on Fridays when HB's been off.

Since my work schedule settled down to Thurs/Fri off, Sunday, being a slow, quiet day at work, has become a great day for me to post. Thursday, on the other hand, is a nightmare day of responsibilities -- laundry, cleaning, banking, grocery shopping and cooking. Also, it seems that any time HB and I have off together in the future will likely be on Fridays, and I really want to spend all Friday enjoying it with him, doing things like

going to the beach

playing with my dogs

photographing farm animals

 and watching the sunset.

So in order to accommodate my duties, responsibilities, and desires as a wife, I am going to try changing my posting schedule to Saturday through Wednesday for a while, and see how it fits.

So far, so good

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  1. Sounds good to me...just as long as I can keep hearing and seeing all the good things!!!!!


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