Saturday, February 19, 2011

Road Warrior

On an island that is only 13 miles by 3 miles, spending nearly four hours driving in a day seems like it might be a difficult feat, but that's what HB and I did yesterday. We were aided in our pursuits by questionable road quality, which occasionally slowed our speed to five-ten miles per hour, and by the far-flung locations of our destinations.

Breakfast in Road Town was followed by a trip to the far tip of West End to check out a new beach for us at Smuggler's Cove, after which we headed back home. Our afternoon included another trip into Road Town, a quick trip to Brewer's Bay to see if it had stopped raining there and we could swim, and we ended the evening with a drive out to East End for dinner.

To be able to spend so long driving was deeply gratifying to me, as one of my favorite ways to spend time off with my husband in the States was going for a drive, and I had worried that living on such a small island, that pasttime would be closed off to us. Defeating my expectations, our four hours of driving yesterday actually succeeded in making me mildly road weary for the first time in six months.

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