Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beach Week 2011 - Josiah's Bay

Day 2 of The BVIs Beach Week 2011 finds us at Josiah's Bay, near East End.

Josiah's Bay is usually one of the more populated beaches on Tortola, owing largely to the surf, which is one of the best breaks on island, and the available facilities, which include umbrella'd tables and a beachside bar. It's also quite close to several hotels, including the Tamarind Club and the Near the Beach Hostel.

In the winter, the waves are often six feet or more, and there's a powerful enough rip current, caused in part by the rocky ledge at the east end of the beach, to make swimming dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. On the day we were there, though, the waves were just big enough for some kids to enjoy a little bodysurfing -- quite successfully I might add.

While we were there, HB and I also got a little physics lesson. Can you tell where the quicksand is in the photo below?

We couldn't either. If you notice the two dark grey lines that run more or less parallel to the water, those are the rough boundaries of the quicksand. Both HB and I stepped right in it in our turn.

Thankfully, it was only about two feet deep, and so easy enough to get out of under our own power. Once I discovered it, I enjoyed playing with it, seeing how it changed as I continued to step in it, or as I left it alone.

Josiah's Bay has its own contribution to the BVI motif of staircases to nowhere.

And a gratuitous pelican shot, since in my opinion, no trip to the beach is complete without a pelican sighting.

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