Sunday, June 26, 2011

Acting the Tourist

HB and I have often commented to each other how the best way to spend time off in the BVI is to act like tourists. We find that our favorite days together usually involve something like going on a daysail, visiting a neighboring island, or going out to breakfast and dinner, with a stop at the beach in between. Unfortunately, acting like a tourist in those ways tends to get a bit expensive.

I feel like we lucked out last Monday, when HB and I were off together and we went beach hopping so I could take pictures and prepare for Beach Week. Going to all the beaches was not only fairly touristy, but also a rather inexpensive way to spend the day, and by the time we got home in the afternoon, we felt like we'd successfully spent the day as tourists. 

Ultimately, though, the most satisfying thing about last Monday was not the time we spent acting like tourists. Our favorite part of the day was the time we spent sitting on our porch in the afternoon sun, drinking ice water, and playing with the dogs.

Sometimes it's good to enjoy the BVI by remembering what a nice place it is to call home.


  1. Roscoe still looks cute with his "butch" cut!!!
    Sounds like contentment.

  2. Dogs + ice cubes = adorable!


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