Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beach Week 2011 - Long Bay Beach West

We conclude Beach Week 2011 where we started - at Long Bay. Today, though, we're at Long Bay West, home the best sand on Tortola. 


Finely-powdered, sugar-white sand makes Long Bay West an awesome place for beachside strolls, and as one of the longest beaches on Tortola, stretching over a mile to the sugarloaf mountain at Belmont, there is plenty of strolling to be done.

While Long Bay West doesn't really have surf like Josiah's Bay, the northern swell coming into the bay usually keeps the water pretty lively, with a strong undertow. In the winter, especially, swimming is probably not recommended for young children or inexperienced swimmers. There are a few small coral islets scattered through the Bay, so snorkeling is decent for strong swimmers. 

The large Long Bay Beach Resort stretches much of the length of Long Bay West, and there are plenty of guest houses and small hotels clustered at either end of the Bay as well, making Long Bay somewhat busy during high season. Still, it's hard to resist the perfect sand and lovely scenery. 


  1. Love this beach too...I love the white hotel in the next tot last picture...a hotel or a villa????

  2. I'm not even that crazy about beaches but these are lovely. You really need to take pictures all the time. Any one of these could be a "stock" picture to practically illustrate whatever you wanted...


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