Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Dog

After battling the tick infestation for a month, we decided we had to get rid of the source. So yesterday we took Roscoe to the BVI Humane Society and exchanged him for a new dog.

Our new dog looks like an island-dog version of Roscoe. Maybe they're long-lost cousins? Here's a picture of Roscoe for comparison:

After the close shave and tick dip, it really was difficult to identify Roscoe as the same dog we dropped off. But hopefully the new hairstyle will keep him cool through the summer, and more importantly, tick-free.


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  2. Roscoe actually looks a lot happier!!!! He is smiling!

  3. He is so cute with his haircut!

  4. I think he is happier with his short hair. He's definitely cooler; doesn't spend all day panting. And he's much cuddlier now that he doesn't have any ticks, or shed. As a result, he's been getting tons of attention, making him very happy.


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