Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Upper Main

I took another stroll down Main Street one morning last week, this time focusing on what I'll call "Upper" Main Street, centering around the intersection with Fleming. I love walking Main any time of day, but I especially like the light in the mornings on the south side of the island.

When I got out of my car, I immediately saw this gentleman: one of the two donkeys I regularly see on the island, with his human

I love the name of this place. I'm not sure if it's simply selling organic produce, or something more illicit, but as they tell us, "Natural Is Better"

On the other side of Fleming from the Herbal Haven is Charles Garden Services, which comprises a decently sized nursery, along with gardening tools and the eponymous services. With the Herbal Haven on one side, and Charles Garden Services on the other, I think of the intersection of Fleming and Main as the source of vegetation in the BVI.

The colors of shutters and buildings on Main Street is always justification enough for a stroll.

Not only do I covet this vehicle (a Mark III GTI in good condition) but I thought the red and green a nice juxtaposition.

Upper Main Street is more residential than the lower part. Tourists often don't make it so far from the cruise ship dock, and so the real estate isn't as desirable for jewelry and knick-knack stores.

In evidence of the lower demand, there were quite a few residences that seemed abandoned in the midst of being built.

Or perhaps these staircases were all that was left after a major flood, hurricane, or earthquake -- all risks we take by living in the BVI.

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