Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crab Hunting

 After dinner one Sunday night, neither HB nor I felt like heading home, so he surprised me by taking me to a relaxing spot he knew. Near the cruise ship dock, there's a large dirt parking lot, usually filled with vendors tents when a ship is in port. Lately, though, it's been empty, and apparently it's a popular place to hang out.

Families come and set up semi-circles of cars, break out the grills, and have a relaxing Sunday evening by the water. The soft, plush grass that lines the rocky coast here makes it a pleasant place for children to play, and for seagulls and terns to gather, too.

Beyond the appeal of the spot as a place to hang out and pass the time, HB especially thought I would enjoy spending some time here because the breakwater makes for an excellent location to find crabs. As excited as I am by all wildlife, spending the evening hanging out on the rocks looking for crabs was right up my alley.

HB spotted two or three crabs immediately upon our arrival, but my eagerness to scramble over the rocks and get closer to them scared them out of the open and into crevices, so I had to content myself with taking pictures of these marine organisms. Can anyone give me a clue as to what they are?

Finally, after waiting patiently and quietly for about 15 minutes, a crab poked first one leg, then another, out of his haven, before emerging fully onto a flat rock surface, where HB managed to capture him on film. Or, in pixels, I guess.

Shortly thereafter, it started raining, forcing an early conclusion to our peaceful seaside crab hunt.


  1. My guess would be limpet

  2. Push them sideways and watch them clamp down. Great pictures.


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