Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Futilities Fight Back

Three days to go until we move into our new apartment, and the futilities are taking one last stand at making our lives miserable. While the new place has an automatic back-up generator, and water delivery to refill the cisterns when they run dry, we are still battling the inconsistencies of the city water system until Sunday.

So this morning, we have very weak running water at both sinks, but no water to the toilet or shower. I took what is hopefully my last shower out of a gallon jug last night, and we're having fun filling the toilet tank by hand this morning.

I had almost thought we'd get away with moving with no other futilities battles. Alas, my hopes are dashed.


  1. Three more days, three more days, three more days....oooohhhhmmmm! Your new mantra for the next 72 hours!

  2. Wouldn't it change to two more days tomorrow, though?

  3. People in the keys are freaking about 97L. You're lucky it came and went. On moving day!

  4. It's way too soon for folks in the Keys to freak about 97L. It's still about 36 hours away from us, and I'm not too freaked out, yet. The course keeps getting more southerly, which is good news for us, but not as good for you.

  5. Although, I guess Keys folks have the choice to evacuate, which really isn't an option for us. Evacuation concerns make worrying earlier a little more understandable, I suppose


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