Saturday, June 25, 2011

Appealing Appellation

When I took these pictures in the middle of June, I intended to use them in a post about how the Flamboyant Trees were just starting to bloom. At the time, none was as far progressed in its flowering as this one, near the Red Cross on Station Road.

Now that the season for Flamboyants has progressed by 10 days or so, this tree looks downright sparse, as others are literally covered with blossoms to the point where you can no longer see any green leaves. 

I first encountered Flamboyants in Florida, where they masquerade under the name of "Royal Poinciana". While "Royal Poinciana" is perhaps more true to the taxonomic relationship the tree bears to other vegetation, I prefer the aptly descriptive "Flamboyant", as in the summer-time, when the hillsides of Tortola are aflame with their blossoms, they are truly the most ostentatiously flamboyant thing you've ever seen.

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