Monday, June 27, 2011

Station Road

I took a stroll down Station Road the other day while waiting for HB to get out of work. I completely neglected to take a picture of the Police Station that gives Station Road it's name, but I managed to snap a few other shots of the busy buildings that line Station.

Near the western end of Station Road, Althea Scatliffe Primary School always astounds me at how it manages to look so closed and so open simultaneously. The imposing concrete block is punctured by open-air hallways, and slat windows that are nearly always fully open to catch the breeze. 

Across the street from Scatliffe School is the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, which name aptly explains its role in the BVI. There's a basketball court inside where the high school basketball games and league basketball games are held. A full-size track and soccer field are outside, and I'm sure rugby and cricket are played here quite often, too.

This banyan (I think) tree is probably the largest on Tortola, spanning the entire distance between the multi-purpose sports complex and Scatliffe School. The immensity of it is awfully impressive.

Also across the street from Scatliffe School is Barba's Kitchen. It may look closed and unassuming in this photo, taken well after school hours, but during the day, there is a continuous progression of children from the school to this food truck. At first I thought it was so popular merely because of location, but other food trucks that locate near the school are not nearly as successful. I have yet to try it to find out what it's power is over hoards of hungry schoolchildren.

Towards the eastern end of Station Road is the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works. Originally built by slaves in the late 1700s, the site has been reconstructed to be historically accurate, and now houses a permanent display regarding the cotton and sugar production that occurred here, as well as temporary art exhibits.

Nearby the Sugar Works is Scout Association Building, and across the street from that, the Red Cross.

 With their white exteriors and bright, colorful accents, these buildings make an aesthetically pleasing group at this end of Station.

We conclude our exploration of Station Road with a picture of the Other Stoplight, not to be confused with "the stoplight". The Other Stoplight marks the end of Station Road where it intersects with James Walter Francis Drive -- the road most people refer to as "the coastal road".


  1. This was like a miniature tour. Thank you. Love the other stop light!!!

  2. What an incredible tree. Suppose there is a need to organise the Royal British Virgin Islands Banyan Propagation and Conservatory Society?
    The Red Cross building appears to have previously been a hospital.


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