Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Power Play

Last night, after a long day of working and grocery shopping, HB and I came home to discover that the electric company had shut off our power due to non-payment. Lest you think that HB and I are deadbeats who don’t pay our bills, let me explain that the electric bill goes to our landlady, who then passes it along to us.

The only electric bill we’ve ever seen was handed to HB by our landlady’s son in early November. It was for August and September, and HB paid it in full, plus gave the son some extra for October’s bill. Apparently, the landlady’s son has been too busy to either give us October’s bill, or pay it, and so BVI Electric shut off our power yesterday.

When I called the electric company’s main line to see if I could rectify the situation, I was told that the office was closed and nothing could be done until the morning. Five minutes after I hung up, though, a BVI Electric truck pulled into our parking lot. Thankfully, someone at BVI Electric was very generous and dispatched one of the on-call technicians to turn our electricity on for the night

Ultimately, what could’ve been a long evening of not being able to put away refrigerated groceries and sitting around in a dark, hot house was salvaged. I went in and paid our electric bill this morning, and after a forceful talk with the landlady’s son it was determined that HB and I would take full responsibility for the electric bill going forward, so hopefully this situation will not happen again. 

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