Friday, December 10, 2010

Caribbean Run

Last night was one of the most relaxing, mellow, enjoyable evenings I've had since we moved to the BVI. I finally got to see Quito Rymer play at his restaurant, Quito's Gazebo in Cane Garden Bay.

Quito's Gazebo is the restaurant and nightclub portion of the hotel, Quito's Ole Works Inn. The whole kaboodle is owned by a guy named Quito Rymer, a bit of a local celebrity, who performs at the Gazebo three or four nights a week. The Gazebo sits on the beach at Cane Garden Bay, close enough to the surf that many tables are crusted with sea spray. At night, "the lights of St. Thomas, 'bout 20 miles west" are quite visible past the bobbing and weaving mastlights of the boats anchored in the Bay.

Quito's music is a rich mix of original songs that combine reggae, blues, and folk sensibilities, peppered with the occasional location-appropriate cover. In his lyrics, Quito expresses his love for the BVI and the Caribbean lifestyle. The mood is laid-back and cool, and I felt like I could sit for hours and hum along to Quito's melodious voice and guitar.

While Quito is the main focus of a visit to the Gazebo (as he should be), the food coming out of the kitchen is nothing to shrug at, either. Important to note is that, out of season, the kitchen is often closed or on a limited menu on nights when Quito is not playing.

Ultimately, Quito's Gazebo some of the best entertainment the BVIs has to offer, and definitely represents the vibe of the BVIs. Not to be missed.

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