Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leaving My Mark

My footprints are now embedded on Tortola.

There has been quite a bit of road construction since the most recent heavy rains in November, and on my drive home last night, I encountered a cone zone. The coastal highway was coned down to about a lane and a half, but the cone zone was long enough that it was impossible to see if there was oncoming traffic. With no flagman in sight, I entered the coned off area, only to encounter cars coming in the opposite direction.

The majority of the cone zone was wide enough for two cars to carefully pass very slowly, however, the last cone was set about two feet closer to the curb than the others, making it too narrow for traffic in both directions.

Stuck in the cone zone behind this offset cone, with angry traffic both in front of and behind me, I thought I'd just hop out of the car and move the offending cone back in line with the others. I discovered the purpose of the cones as my feet promptly sunk an inch or so into a strip of concrete that was not yet dried. Realizing my error, I got back in my car and did my best to maneuver around the errant cone.

So I suppose it's not really my footprints, but my shoeprints, that are visible on the coastal highway of Tortola, just outside of Nanny Cay.


  1. That's so cool! I just found this blog because my feed from your other blog had not been working until bloglines switched owners.

  2. Hi Hannah, glad you found me! Hope you enjoy.


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