Thursday, December 9, 2010

Always Sunny on the North Coast

While it isn't always sunny on the north coast, I am constantly amazed in the difference in weather between one part of Tortola and another. It is not unusual for me to have a glorious, sunny day at work on the north coast, only to have HB complain about how much it rained when I pick him up in Road Town. Similarly, there are certain spots on Tortola that are so windy that plains have formed, because the wind has impeded the growth of tall trees and bushes. The plains are not vast; maybe an acre or two in all, but they create this tiny little distinct ecological niche. 

Tortola is not a large island. It's about 3 miles wide by 13 miles long -- similar to the size of Manhattan. I realize that the urbanization of Manhattan has probably affected the climate there, but really? There aren't minute plains on Manhattan; it's not snowing in one part of Manhattan and sunny and 50 degrees in another part. Granted, I haven't actually lived on Manhattan, but I get the sense that if this were frequently the case, the world would have heard about it. 

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