Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hat Parade

At the behest of HB's employer, we had the pleasure of attending the Road Town Methodist Church Women's League Christmas Concert last night. HB's employer was performing in the concert, and we had missed a previous performance of his. 

Amidst the Christmas carols performed by various choirs, and the readings and poems presented about Christmas, the Road Town Methodist Church Women's League was supposed to perform a skit. However, when the skit's slot in the program arrived, the ladies were not yet prepared, and so, to buy time, several other members of the League entertained the audience with a "hat parade".

This impromptu fashion show of ladies' church hats was by far the highlight of the evening, as the Women strutted their stuff across the stage, accompanied by fungi band versions of "Joy to the World" and "Silver Bells." I only regret that I didn't take the camera. 

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