Monday, December 27, 2010

Morning Drive

Some things about the drive into work this morning put me in a wonderful mood. On days when HB is off, he drives me to work, and we take a different route. Instead of going down into Road Town and along the coastal road, we instead take Ridge Road to Carrot Bay, and then the North Coast Road to my work. I definitely prefer the Ridge Road route, as the views out both sides over the Atlantic and the Caribbean are excellent. It's also about twenty minutes shorter.

This morning, with HB at the wheel, I was relaxing into the ride when I spotted two parrots on the telephone lines overhead. With the windows down, we could hear them chattering and squawking to each other. Shortly after the parrot spotting, "Amazing Grace", played on the bagpipes, came on the radio -- on a station that usually plays reggae and hip-hop. Juxtaposed with the tropical vegetation around us, the parrots we had just seen, this Scottish hymn seemed a little out of place. Finally, as we descended the switchbacks into Carrot Bay, we saw a group of goats in the same spot we often see them in the morning. Today, though, there were a pair of newborn kids clustering under their nanny's legs.

As HB put it: With all these things happening, what a day to have to go to work. But I'm suppose I'm glad I did have to come into work today, as I thoroughly enjoyed the morning drive.

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