Saturday, December 25, 2010


Today, Christmas Day, I am at work. One of the downsides of working in the hospitality industry, I suppose. But since Christmas for HB and me this year only involved the two of us, we moved our celebrations to Christmas Eve.

We didn’t get gifts for each other, figuring being in the BVI was gift enough for this year. We had a few packages from family and coworkers to open, but mostly we celebrated Christmas with food. I spent the two weeks leading up to Christmas Eve planning an elaborate menu of drinks, appetizers, entrees, sides, and plenty of cookies for desserts.

Unthinkingly, I left my grocery shopping until Thursday, my traditional shopping day, but also the 23rd of December, the last day most businesses were open until the 28th.  When I arrived at Riteway, the produce section was packed with people, and as I plundered the aisles, trying to find all my ingredients, I realized that my well-laid plans were quickly being destroyed.

No sweet potatoes, smoked salmon, pecans or baking chocolate of any kind, meant that one of four sides, my only appetizer, and all three kinds of cookies would have to be crossed off my list. In a sad, panicked mood, I finished my shopping at Riteway, went home to put away the groceries I had managed to find, and quickly left again to scour the other stores.

Although a trip to One-Mart revealed nothing, thankfully I was able to find sweet potatoes and baking chocolate at Bobby’s. Some quick menu changes based on supplies I had at home, and HB and I were able to sit down to a delicious Christmas Eve dinner last night.  With carols on the stereo, our enormous dining table filled with Christmas food, and the Christmas lights on the balcony, our first Christmas in the BVI will truly be one to remember.

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