Thursday, December 23, 2010


HB's boss invited us to another of his choir's events. As is often the case, the boss was not forthcoming on many details, and so it was that at 7:45 last night, we got into the car to follow along behind him as we made our way to an undisclosed location for similarly undisclosed activities.

It ended up we had been invited to a good, old-fashioned Christmas caroling, as the eight members of the choir, plus HB and me, crowded into church members' living rooms to sing a few carols, and share the festive spirit. Making my way into the folks of homes who had no idea who I was, was a little awkward at first, but the welcoming and accepting nature of both the hosts and the choir soon relaxed me, and before I knew it, I was singing along with carols I had never heard before.

HB and I were introduced to new Christmas Carols ("Jesus, the Light of the World" was my favorite) and new people as we went from house to house. At 10:30, with the choir showing no time of stopping soon, HB and I said our goodbyes, and headed home with wonderful memories of wassailing in the BVI.

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