Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Hour

A co-worker told me about the happy hour at the Clubhouse at Frenchman's Cay, so last night HB and I decided to check it out. The lure of $3 mojitos, and, more importantly, $2 fish tacos was too strong to resist. The happy hour runs from 3-7 Tues-Sat, but when we arrived around 5:30, we were the only people there. Still, the staff was happy to serve us, and we sipped our mojitos for a little while before ordering our tacos.

While the mojitos weren't especially satisfying for me, the fish tacos were tasty, and the closest thing to an Aurora taco truck HB has encountered in a while. Large, flaky chunks of breaded, fried fish were dressed with a large smear of queso fresco and roasted red peppers, and topped with shredded romaine. In warm corn tortillas, the only thing missing was a little cilantro and lime juice to sprinkle on.

Perhaps the best part of happy hour at the Clubhouse at Frenchman's Cay is the setting. Frenchman's Cay is a high-end resort, and the manicured lawns and gardens, and views over the salt pool and the Caribbean, made for an elegant, yet comfortable vibe. Leaving with mostly full tummies and a bill of only $16, I'm sure we'll be back often to partake of this happy hour.

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