Thursday, December 22, 2011

To What End?

I think it is time we had a talk. In case it hasn't been clear from inconsistent posting and late-afternoon posting the last few weeks, I am struggling to maintain Basset's View of the Islands. I have worked through all the various post ideas I had when I first started the blog, and all of my second-wind post ideas, and I feel I have mostly accomplished my initial aim, which was to help potential ex-pats through the process of moving to the BVI.

Although I certainly have not explored every bit of the BVI, I feel less and less inspired to write here. I have found my BVI niche, and am happy in it, and I believe my readers probably don't want to read about my umpteenth visit to Brewer's Bay Beach, or another Sunday of football watching at Mulligan's. Since routines make me happy, though, I am loathe to break them to explore new things.

Basset's View of the Islands is still important to me as a record of my time and experiences here, and I don't want to stop writing entirely. I'm trying to decide if I want to take it in a new direction -- more of a diary and less of a travelogue -- or just write a bit less frequently. In the end, I still want to be making something that satisfies both of us, you and me, because you're the reason I started in the first place, and you're the reason I'm still writing.


  1. I would hate to see this come to an end....if nothing else, I love the pictures and your commentary.

  2. Although I always look forward to reading your perspective of life in the BVI, I would also be interested in reading your blog if it were written more as a diary. Keep on writing only if it suits you, though. Nothing worse than having it become another chore to do.

  3. Do what you feel like, which sounds off hand and callous but do it with whatever passion you feel. I love exploring though I too have felt the shadow of repition cast itself over my blog so I have decided to re-invent it. Do the same. Write a diary and tell people not what its like to move to the BVI but what its like to live there. People are bores and love their routines as much as you and I do.
    Or ignore everything I say and read more books.

  4. I love this blog - thanks for taking the time to write it. As a newbie myself, Ive found it hugely informative as well as enjoyable

  5. I have found your blog invaluable as I prepare to relocate to the BVI in spring 2012. I would be truly sorry if you were to discontinue it. As you observed in one of your first posts, there is precious little available by way of practical or reliable information for those coming to (or thinking of coming to) live and work in the BVI and your posts give real insight to the positives amd negatives! Even things like the saga you had with your dogs and information about the visiting vet is useful so please, please carry on!


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