Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Apartment!

In case it hasn't been obvious from all my blathering over the last week or so, HB and I moved into a new apartment on the weekend, and I am super excited about it!

There are many things about the new place that make me happy.

First, it is cheaper, costing about 85% of what the previous apartment did.
Second, all our utilities except electricity are included in the monthly rent, which also helps lower our monthly costs.
Third, a big one for HB, one of the included utilities is satellite TV.
Fourth, it is smaller. Our old apartment was a two-bedroom, one bathroom in about 1500 square feet. Our new apartment is a one and a half bedroom  (more on this later), one and a half bathroom in about 550 square feet.
Fifth, it has appliances we did not have before: dishwasher, washer/dryer, grill, and A/C.
Sixth, it is quieter. There are only two other couples in our building, we are off the main road, and I didn't hear any roosters this morning for the first time in a year.

Now, some photos.

View from our deck out towards Little Jost van Dyke

The beautiful deck nearly doubles our total living space. Looking forward to grilling up some burgers out here tonight.

Small but well-stocked galley kitchen. The landlady told me I could use her spare food processor when she found out I like to cook. It's going to take a little while to get used to the tiny fridge, though. I've never been able to see the top of the fridge before.

Living room. Cheek by jowl with the kitchen. Here is our half-bedroom -- a lofted bed platform and closet. We hope to get some curtains hung to make this more private for guests.

For the first time in our lives together, we do not have an immense master bedroom. The column is the biggest space issue, but the floor-to-ceiling windows make it feel bigger than it is.


  1. Love it! Colors are little...Caribbean! So you can see into the top of the fridge, can you see into the microwave???

  2. Good Lord! You've moved into a boat. How cool!

  3. While my use of the words "deck" and "galley" may call to mind a boat, I assure you we are still very much on land. But I suppose the place is boat-esque in its stature and features.


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