Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Drive Part 2

Continuing from yesterday, photos taken every kilometer of my drive in to work in the morning.

Kilometer 9. After Nanny Cay, there's less development and more open road with lots of ocean views.

Kilometer 10. Still plenty of ocean views; and views of St. John.

Kilometer 11. Pockwood Pond. Home to the new DMV, on the left, and the municipal waste incinerator, dead ahead.

Kilometer 12. Leaving Pockwood Pond, we're back to open coastal road, hugging sheer red cliffs.

 Kilometer 13. Still plenty of winding coastal highway to traverse.

Kilometer 14. Passing through Fort Recovery, I start to get alert again, as soon I'll have to make a turn.

Kilometer 15. The brief traverse of Zion Hill Road, one of my favorite parts of the drive.

Kilometer 16. Intersection with the north coast road is marked by Sebastian's Hotel. Less than a kilometer from here to work.


  1. As odd as it sounds an 11 mile commute seems very long on such a small island. Not only that but you have alternative routes and different views. I am jealous.

  2. I suppose since the island is only 13 miles long from tip to tip, it does seem like a very long commute.

    When I go over the mountains, it's more like 7 miles. The coastal road is a bit circuitous.


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