Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amalgam of Animals

To my chagrin, I have missed two Sundays of creature features. This is in part because of circumstances (Irene) and in part because all the creatures on my list that I want to feature have disappeared with the hot weather. As a result, even though I have made efforts to photograph them, I have been unable to find them in their usual haunts.

One of these creatures is what HB and I call the "dinosaur lizard". Distinct from the anoles, like the one inhabiting my office, the dinosaur lizards are brownish grey in skin tone, and can be quite large. I've seen some that are two-three feet.

This is a small example of the lizards I am referring to. This one is about a foot long, and far less colorful than its larger kin, that often have rainbow-colored scales along their sides and near the sensory organs on their heads. When it's finally time to feature dinosaur lizards, you'll see what I'm talking about.

So while I wait for the various creatures on my list to return, I share with you a few small critters I found on the property this morning.

I see these leafbugs fairly often. They make me think of the rhinoceros beetle, although for no good reason.

These tiny snails abound, especially after rains. That's my pinkie in the bottom of the picture for a little bit of size perspective.

Hopefully as the weather cools off in late September, I'll be able to get some photos of the creatures on my list. In the meantime, my Sunday creature features will likely continue to be amalgams of a variety of animals.

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