Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Island Fever

On the phone to my mother recently, I told her I was feeling a bit of Island Fever. She said, "I know, I can tell from your blog posts." If you're a regular reader of the blog, maybe you've noticed it, too? Island fever was definitely one of my biggest concerns about moving to the BVI, and I'm actually somewhat surprised that I made a full five months before I really began experiencing it.

Only having about 20 square miles and 20,000 people to explore is not enough for me, right now. As a comparison, imagine having to stay within the boundaries of Hays, Kansas for five months. HB has done significantly better than I. He hasn't left the BVI in nine months, and only last week did he really start expressing his need to "get off the rock."

So that's exactly what we're doing - going to St. John overnight. I'm super excited to go to different beaches and bars, and explore the National Park more thoroughly. I'm also hoping to find some foodstuffs at the grocery store that I haven't been able to get here. It may seem like leaving this rock for another, quite similar rock, may not be the best cure for our island fever, but our last trip to St. John showed us that it was different enough from Tortola to both give us relief from Tortola, and make us appreciate our island home again.

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  1. Have a wonderful trip and a renewal of spirit!


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