Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Recovery

It is the nature of my blog that sometimes I forget to post, or am otherwise prevented from posting, as was the case today. I had planned on taking some photos of the hurricane Irene aftermath at work, and posting to the blog from there. Unfortunately, the aftermath proved to be a bit more intense than I had expected, and this circumvented my plans.

The generator at work failed to come on, and so we were without electricity for the first two hours of the day. While the maintenance man worked on repairing the generator, I worked on cleaning the standing water out of one of the rooms that had flooded. By 10:00, everything was in good order except we didn't have any internet, and when I left at 4:00, there was still no internet.

I have chatted with other blog owners who suggest that these problems in being unable to post, or sometimes just being forgetful, can be prevented by writing my posts days in advance and scheduling them. While I do use this function when I know I'll be away, like when I went to LA and Denver last October, for the most part, scheduling kind of takes the fun out of it for me. I like to share what's on my mind about the BVI now; not what I was thinking about three days ago.

Of course, not all my posts are completely spontaneous. I keep a list of things I would like to share, and look for opportunities to photograph those things. But once I have those pictures on the SD Card, it's like a hot potato. I have to get them up here right away to let you know! The downside, of course, to my unwillingness to schedule, though, is that occasionally, I miss a post, or post very late (like today). I hope that doesn't make you less willing to read.

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