Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Drive Part 1

My father asked me a while ago for pictures of my daily commute. He suggested I take them every 100 meters or so. This morning, I decided to indulge him, but chose the more practical option of  to taking photos every 1000 meters instead.

So without further ado, the first half of my morning drive by kilometer:

Leaving the house. We actually go the other way down Ridge Road, but the angle of the sun made this the better shot.

Kilometer 1. The lush green forest of Great Mountain Road

Kilometer 2. Huntum's Ghut. Always a bit of an obstacle course, weaving between parked vehicles, pedestrians and wildlife.

Kilometer 3. At the traffic light. Souvenir shops and Festival flags.

Kilometer 4. Road Reef Marina, on the way out of Road Town.

Kilometer 5. Not pictured. Couldn't stop given the traffic.

Kilometer 6. Definitely out of town now. Great views over the Channel.

Kilometer 7. Sea Cow's Bay. Land of speed bumps and brightly-colored buildings. I've never actually seen this snack hut (the Rainbow Shack) open for business.

Kilometer 8. Nanny Cay. Ex-pat stronghold, and roughly the halfway point on my drive.

Second half tomorrow.

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