Monday, January 10, 2011

Trumpet of the Flower

 My neighbor has a few bushes of these large trumpet-like flowers. I didn't do a good job of including perspective in these photos, but the blossoms are about 6 inches long, and four inches wide.


They are a very pale pinkish color, with yellow ribs, and seem to be a popular subject for local artists, as I see watercolors and oils of them everywhere. They're quite stunning, and I've never seen anything like them before.  If anyone can provide an identification of what they are, I would appreciate it. Not knowing their name won't prevent me from driving by my neighbor's house to admire them every evening, though.


  1. I think it's angel trumpet or Brugmansia. Looks like a very alrge Datura only hangy down!

  2. How about Allamanda? (No pun intended)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely think based on the other images for both those flowers, it is angel trumpet, or a close variation thereof. It's not Allamanda, although we do have quite a bit of that here as well, particularly at work.

  4. I second Wanda; I've seen it listed as bat-pollinated, so maybe you should do a night stake-out and get some photos of bats!

  5. Latin Name:Brugmansia spp. There are several species in this genus.
    Common Names:Angel's trumpet, brugmansia, tree datura, angel star.

    "All parts of Brugmansia plants contain dangerous levels of poison and may be fatal if ingested by humans or animals, including livestock and pets. Contact with the eyes can cause pupil diliation (mydriasis) or unequal pupil size (anisocoria).[3] Some municipalities prohibit the purchase, sale, or cultivation of Brugmansia plants." wikipedia
    Beautiful photo!!


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