Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bananakeet Happy Hour

With our inability to see the sunset from our house, HB and I have been on the lookout for a good place to watch it. We both enjoy the lovely sunrises in the morning, but at heart, I think, we're both sunset people. I'd heard since we arrived on island that the Bananakeet Cafe had great views for sunset, and so on Friday evening, we went to their happy hour (4:00-6:00 pm daily) to check it out.

We were not disappointed. Perched on a cliff overhanging Carrot Bay, Bananakeet Cafe is outdoor dining in a casual setting around the pool for the adjacent Bananakeet hotel. The views are to the West, over Carrot Bay, with St. John in the distance, and several small islets dotting the waters in the foreground.

As the sun sets behind St. John, the haze around the islands starts to accumulate, and soon you fancy yourself in a scene from South Pacific. I was only mildly disappointed that the islands obscured the actual moment when the sun touches the water, inhibiting the possibility of seeing the green flash. Nonetheless, you certainly can't forget you're in the tropics while watching the sun set from Bananakeet Cafe.

I'm sorry I forgot the camera again, but we'll be going back soon. Leaving for our dinner reservations elsewhere, we saw and smelled the food coming out of the kitchen there, and will definitely have to return to sample it, and enjoy the sunset once more. 

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