Saturday, January 29, 2011

Almond Tree Salon

The morning at work has slipped away from me and I find it is already well past time I should have a post up here. I mentioned yesterday that I got my hair cut. HB also got his hair cut, and I thought it might be a helpful thing for others in the BVI if I posted a little about where we go for this necessary service.

While there is a wide variety of salons and barber shops on Tortola, most of them handle black clients only, leaving only a handful of places that both are willing to, and have the know-how to cut the hair of white clients. After studying the phone book back in October, HB and I decided to try the Almond Tree Salon & Spa in Nanny Cay. The fact that we've both been back since is good evidence that Jonelle, the owner and only stylist, does an excellent job. Anyone looking for an example of her work could have seen it on me during my episodes of Jeopardy, as she cut my hair just four days before those episodes were taped.

At $40 for a woman's haircut and style, Almond Tree is in line with the salons I used in Florida and Denver, although definitely a bit costlier than Fantastic Sams. Still, the quality of the cut makes it a decent price for me. I would say that the $28 that Almond Tree charges for a men's cut may be rather steep, but the nearness of the location to our home, and the convenience of visiting the same salon, makes it worthwhile for us. Men looking for less expensive haircuts might try the salons in West End or Cane Garden Bay.

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