Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The BVI Song

Since the on the Hyundai broke a few months ago, HB and I have primarily been listening to the one radio station that is broadcast from the BVI and plays music, 106.9. There are other stations broadcast here, but they primarily play church sermons. 106.9 plays a variety of reggae and hip-hop, so it's not really our usual fare, but I figure some music is better than no music to keep me company on my 30-minute drive to work. Lately, we've been happy the radio has been tuned to 106.9, as when we get in the car around 8:05 every morning, the same song has been playing.

The song that is brightening our day is not one that you've likely heard, unless you've been on Tortola. I have no idea what the title is, HB and I just refer to it as the BVI song. I've looked for a recording of it or lyrics for it online, but to no avail (so few BVI-centric items are on the internet). So here's a sampling of lyrics, sung in Caribbean patois, from what I can remember:

It's a beautiful day, such a beautiful day in paradise
The sun is shining, the palm trees sway; it's very nice.
Beautiful faces, Friendly places, ... something something ... be
This island nation is home sweet home
For you and me.

It brings a smile to our faces every time.

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