Friday, January 28, 2011

Nanny Cay

I went to Nanny Cay this morning to get a haircut. Having dropped HB off at work in a timely fashion, I ended up arriving in Nanny Cay about half an hour early. I found a comfortable bench, and started reading, but then it occurred to me that though I've mentioned Nanny Cay many times here, I've never really discussed what it is.

Nanny Cay is the largest marina on Tortola. A veritable forest of masts greets you as you turn in from the main road, the evidence of hundreds of boats in dry dock, not to mention all those actually in the water.

As is the case with marinas the world over, Nanny Cay offers a variety of shops and services to assist the weary yachties passing a night in harbor. In addition to souvenir shops and a couple of restaurants, Nanny Cay has a fueling station, and supermarket to provision your boat.

It also has a sizable hotel, in case you've spent one too many nights cramped up in the cuddy cabin of your sailboat or powerboat.

Perhaps you're sick of your current vessel, or you're ready to get out on the water after years on land? Nanny Cay also has boat sales and boat rental offices. For many, though, the opportunity to go ashore and get cleaned up -- maybe have your first haircut in months -- is the big draw. After all, that's why I was at Nanny Cay this lovely Friday morning.

Finally, if anyone would enlighten me on the meaning of the following?

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