Friday, January 21, 2011

Tour Buses

One of the most popular activities for cruise ship passengers is a tour of Tortola on one of the many open-air tour buses. The tours usually encompass about a two-hour drive, including a stop at a beach, or beach bar, and lots of brief stops along the way for pictures. 

For the purpose of attracting the most passengers, many of the tour bus owners have had extreme paint schemes applied to their buses. The most common theme, by far, is Pirates of the Caribbean

Sometimes it's a little hard to recognize the characters, although I suppose that's a reasonable likeness of Orlando Bloom on the right up there.

HB will be disappointed that I did not include any pictures of his favorite bus, which has a Pirates of the Caribbean being attacked by werewolves theme.

Another popular way to differentiate your tour bus from the others, is by making the back window into a creative cutout:

(I'm no more certain than you are what the painting is about)

The owner of this bus has cute back windows AND has used the back of the bus to create a family memorial. 

Some of the buses are simpler than others:

Maybe a few flowers are all it takes to convince you to ride with this driver.

Or maybe you just want to remember where you're supposed to go after the tour is over (back on the cruise ship!)

Then there are the buses that are eclectically unfathomable. 

First we have a lovely scene from Finding Nemo (the paintwork on this bus was amazing, by the way), but then, on the back, we have this:

What a girl whose hair has turned into a waterfall, and who has a skull exploding out of her bosom, has to do with either a) the British Virgin Islands or b) Finding Nemo is anyone's guess.

On the same bus, Gangsta Bugs Bunny wants to remind you:


  1. I love Gansta Bugs!but I'll go with the flower bus! Pirates and werewolves???

  2. What, no leatherback turtles? :P


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