Monday, April 4, 2011

What We Lack in Food

As I sit here enjoying my burrito, leftover from dinner last night, I realize that there were a few things in my restaurant post from a few days ago that I alluded to, but did not specifically make clear.

First, if you are a fan of American-style fast food, like Taco Bell, KFC, or McDonald's, you may be mildly disappointed in your eating options when you come to the BVI. The closest you'll find to fast food is a place like Crandall's. Delicious, yes, but not satisfying in quite the same way that a Whopper is; at least not for me. Since I'm a bit of a fast food addict (shameful, I know) this has required some adjustment on my part.

Second, if you are a fan of what we can call "ethnic" cuisine -- TexMex, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Uzbek, Greek, etc. etc. -- you may be mildly disappointed in your eating options when you come to the BVI. The only "ethnic" cuisine you'll find here is West Indian.

There are two restaurants that purport to offer Chinese food, each of which provides passable examples thereof, if you know what to order. There is one restaurant on East End that I have yet to try that supposedly has good TexMex, although I'm dubious. When we tried to go to Fat Cat Thai Restaurant, we found it no longer in business, just a few short months after the Limin' Times (the local entertainment magazine) had given it glowing reviews.

Since HB and I can manage to cook reasonable replicas of TexMex, Thai, Chinese, and Greek food, we do not have to go completely without, as evidenced by my burrito lunch, made possible through my mother's generous shipment of Stokes' green chili.


  1. Just say the word and more will be on the way!

  2. Rite Way, Road Town, rotisserie chicken is up to the North American standard of Boston Market and such. You can readily buy one and sit down to watch a movie on any Friday night.


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