Sunday, April 17, 2011

Internal Combustion

I am a little scattered the morning, the result of having to get up at 6:00 - an hour earlier than usual - to get a ride to work. Ordinarily, our Sunday morning routine involves HB driving me to work, but after our car caught on fire last night, I had to find another route to work.

Yes, our old Hyundai sedan apparently decided to thrown a little hissy fit, and after sitting, parked, not running for four hours, started gently flaming around 9:45 last night. Our downstairs neighbors noticed the fire, and hollered for us, so HB was able to extinguish the flare-up within a few minutes using the gallons of water we keep stored in the house. His diagnosis: an electrical short in the ABS computer solenoid caused the wiper fluid tank to overheat and catch on fire.

The firemen who arrived around 10:00 in response to our neighbor's phone call said that this is the second similar incident they've had in as many days, but that in the other case, the entire car was consumed in the fire. We're lucky that the fire was noticed so quickly, as only the ABS computer and wiper fluid tank were really damaged. Nonetheless, we have to wait until tomorrow to have the car towed to town for repair, so in the meantime, I'm bumming rides from co-workers.

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