Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beer Burnout

After 8 months on Tortola, HB and I are facing a crisis we never even imagined could exist. We are both burnt out on beer. Being a big fan of beer, I didn't think things would ever come to this, but I believe the root of the problem lies not with beer in general, or with my taste buds, but rather with the limited selection of beer available on island.

Colorado, you see, is a wonderland of beer. It is awash in major breweries and microbreweries alike, and other breweries throughout the country seem to like to market their beers in Colorado, too. You can find literally hundreds of varieties of beer in Colorado, if you look hard enough, whether in cans or bottles, or on draft. In stark contrast, by my last count, there are maybe 20 types of beer available in the BVI, and that includes O'Doul's. I am also, apparently, a bit of a beer snob, as of the 20 types available, there are maybe only 10 that I will drink on any sort of regular basis (Miller Lite, Coors Light, etc. are not my cup of tea)  and after 8 months, I want something different.

The other contributing factor to my incipient beer burnout is the lack of beer on draft. I've heard that a few bars on island used to have beer taps and real kegs, but I haven't been able to find any since I've been here. Beer from a bottle or can just doesn't taste as good as a fresh draft beer.

We're planning another trip to St. John soon, and I'm hopeful that, being a US Territory, there will either be different beer available there, or someplace that keeps a few kegs. Otherwise, it will be September before my dreadful beer burnout condition will have a chance to be treated.

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