Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Virgin Gorda Chickens

HB and I went to Virgin Gorda (VG) yesterday to catch the tail end of the annual Easter Festival, meant to be one of the most elaborate Festivals in the Caribbean, complete with Carnival-style parade. But more about the Festival later: the most memorable part of the evening for me was watching the chickens at the Mineshaft restaurant where we dined. Despite a beautiful sunset, tasty food, and the Festival attractions, I could not tear my attention away from these chickens.

At first, I was fascinated at the juxtaposition of chickens among the cacti that grow readily in the drier climate of VG. I suppose that chickens are allowed to make their homes in the desert as well as anywhere else, but they strike me as more plains-type animals.

As the sun finished setting, we noticed that fewer of the chickens were pecking among the cacti. Instead, they had migrated into a tree near our table and seemed to be settling down for the night. Again, this seemed a strange haunt for chickens, whose feeble wings ought to keep them somewhat more earthbound.

Nonetheless, by the time the skies were completely dark, every chicken, rooster and chick had found itself a comfortable roost for the night in the tree.


  1. Those chickens are amazing! Also, Happy Birthday!

  2. Chickens like to roost in higher places...less chance of getting eaten! Happy Birthday!


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