Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shimmy and Shake

As reported on this morning:

"An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.14 on the Richter Scale was felt throughout the Virgin Islands at approximately 12:28 this morning. The report indicated that the epicenter was located near 18.78N and 64.28 West or ... 54.23Km NE of Road Town, Virgin Islands at a depth of 25 miles."

While this is not the first earthquake the BVI has experienced since I've been here, it is the largest, and it is the first one that I've felt. Since the epicenter was at a bit of a distance, and I was busy sleeping when it occurred, I merely thought the bed had grown a set of magic fingers, until HB informed me that no, it was in fact an earthquake.

The mild vibrating sensation we had for about 10 seconds last night did serve as a good reminder that we are in a seismically active part of the world, and should be prepared for both earthquakes and tsunamis at any time.

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