Monday, April 11, 2011

Insect Plagues

The changing calendar seems to bring different insect plagues to the BVI. When we first arrived in August, we had a rash of termites. We'd have to sweep their dead bodies off the front porch every morning, only to have the heaps of them replaced the next night. September and October brought the little black beetles that I wrote about here. I noticed in November a number of grasshoppers, though not nearly as numerous as the beetles or termites.

The winter months were relatively uneventful in this regard, but March brought an onset of the mosquitoes I mentioned yesterday. Lately, I've noticed more than our fair share of these fellow at the house, and around the property:

About as big around as a pencil, and maybe two-three inches long, all told, I've really only seen about five of these millipedes. But five live millipedes are creepier than one hundred dead termites.


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