Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oceanic Oddities

I mentioned last week the "pirate ship" that was in Sea Cow's Bay two Sundays ago, but bemoaned my lack of camera. Well, luckily, it was still there this past Sunday, and so I was able to snap a few pictures of it. Obviously, not a pirate ship, but what kind of ship is it?

Then, driving to West End today, in another cove on the Caribbean side I noticed these guys

Obviously bollards of some sort, with the crosses on top, I imagined them to be watery grave markers, although I can't imagine someone being buried in such shallow seas. I'm sure they're for some entirely different, more practical purpose. I would love it if anyone could tell me what they are.

I feel like I am offering a sort of photographic smartypants quiz, so I should probably offer some prizes. For each of the readers who first provides the correct identification of the two objects above, I offer a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate. I know that isn't nearly as cool as the prize in the quiz I linked to, but I'm not Pioneer Woman yet, guys. Just leave your guesses in the comments below.


  1. they are mooring bollards for scuba diving vessels

  2. Yes, I've seen bouys like that used to mark sunken ships for divers off of the NC coast.

  3. I love your blog (we're almost neighbors) and found this old post. You might already know the answers, but if not here it goes:

    1) This is a custom made restaurant/bar ship for Grenada (like the Willy T). It was made in Indonesia and the engine got on fire while sailing to Grenada. It was in Sea Cows Bay for a long time for repairs.

    2) These are bouys/moorings for the oil tankers that moor here to transfer oil/gasoline to shore with big pipes. You can see the same bouys/moorings in Road Harbour. Trust me, there is nothing to dive for here......


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