Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I had conceived of this blog as being very photo-driven. I would carry my camera everywhere, and snap pictures from about one foot above the ground, the viewpoint of my basset hound, Flash. In nearly three weeks living here, that has yet to happen. After my second trip to the post office yesterday, I'm not sure I'd be able to handle carrying my camera with me regularly.

The intersection nearest the post office is the largest I've encountered on the island, and reasonably busy. It consists of a five-point roundabout, and approximately six other roadways converging within about 100 yards of the roundabout. It is dizzying to navigate. It verges on childishness to imagine that you will find a parking space remotely near the post office (parking, in general, is an impractical undertaking at best).

I would have a picture of it here, but I didn't have my camera with me. The camera, I'm sure, was content to sit benignly on my table at home, instead of being juggled along with two, 15-pound, unwieldy packages down the hill and across the roundabout to the parking space I had finagled, approximately a quarter-mile from the post office.

In upcoming weeks, I will make better efforts to carry my camera with me. In the interim, here are a few shots HB was good enough to take from our balcony during Hurricane Earl:

The skies when we got out of bed, around 7:45 on the morning of the 30th.

The trees next door around noon. Winds gusting to around 60 mph.

A neighbor's house after the storm. Most of the damage was to trees and bush.

The dog that dwells on the downstairs neighbors' front porch makes his way back after a day and half on his own in Hurricane Earl.

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