Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amphibian Invasion

There is no accounting for taste. While I can stomach the majority of the decor in my new home, there are a few items and trends that I find a bit ... unpalatable. Today, I will be highlighting perhaps the most bizarre element, our resident frog.

The frog is a four-foot high statute, that ordinarily resides in the corner of the living room, but occasionally, likes to go exploring. In the photo above, he is taking the sun on the balcony, with his lily-pad umbrella protecting his sensitive, amphibian skin. The frog is joined from time to time by his amphibian pals:

From left to right, we have guitar newt, baby frog, and dancing newt. Their home is the wicker bookshelf in another corner of the living room. 

Suffice to say, what with his prowling nature, the frog has not made fast friends with the recently-introduced fauna. Flash and Roscoe generally give the frog a wide berth ... except when enticed with treats to pose:

I cannot fault the dogs their scorn of the frog. When I catch him watching me, I get a shiver down the spine myself.

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  1. Ok Flash is looking a bit down about the frog, It seems he would like to give it the old left hand leg lift. Does the frog have a name??


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