Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brewer's Bay Beach

The beach that featured in yesterday's post about Roscoe's trip to the beach is Brewer's Bay Beach.

Just a five minute drive from our house, Brewer's Bay has quickly become our favorite beach, although in all fairness, we haven't actually tried any others. A reef runs between the tips of the two arms of the mountains that form the Bay, protecting it from large waves and strong currents.

It is also almost always empty, as you can see from the picture above. Sunday's swim was accompanied by the most people we've yet encountered -- about four families of four, and two other couples. Usually it's just us and another couple, especially on weekday evenings.

Unlike Florida beaches, there are very few shells on Brewer's Bay beach, either on the sand or in the water. I'm sure most of the shells are kept near the reef by the currents.

Brewer's Bay beach does, however, have a large number of rocks, nearly all of them igneous in nature, like the obsidian above. They serve as a continuing reminder of Tortola's volcanic origins.

Finally, if you get tired of swimming in the crystal clear waters, or sunning yourself on the soft, sandy beach, Brewer's Bay has its own set of ruins to explore. What they are ruins of, I am not sure, as there certainly are no explicative signs. Perhaps a sugar mill? Or a distillery? Maybe you can find out when you visit Brewer's Bay.

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  1. An uncrowded slice of paradise. We spent he whole day here - snorkeling, swimming, enjoying sweet and frothy pina colodas from Nicole's beach bar. It's a rough drive to find this place, but totally worth it!


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