Monday, September 13, 2010


Since our cable still isn't installed, a circumstance I will explore more thoroughly in a future Futilities post, HB and I decided to try and catch the Bronco's game at a local sports bar. After asking around during the week, and looking online, we figured our best bet was probably Mulligan's.

The entrance to Mulligan's reminds you instantly that you're in the Caribbean. A sandy path leads from the gravel parking lot to the main structure, which consists of a wooden floor, approximately 2500 square feet, covered by a wooden roof.

Picnic tables are scattered about the large lawn outside, and there's a small kitchen lean-to attached to the building. But for the most part, Mulligan's is a floor, a roof, and a bar.

The blue sheeting behind the flags is a weatherproof fabric that the proprietor rolls down to protect the bar during rainstorms.

The major draw for us on this first Sunday of the NFL season was the gigantic outdoor screen.

It didn't occur to us that the screen would be much better for watching Monday Night Football, then a game on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. Luckily for HB, Mulligans has several smaller TVs stationed "inside" the building.

Mulligan's is most famous for its driving range, the only one on the island, as far as I know.

In keeping with island style, it's nothing too fancy. A couple of tees, and a net or two. But with flat land at a premium on Tortola, the proprietors had to be innovative with their range.

Anything you manage to hit more than 100 feet winds up in Sea Cow's Bay.

For those interested in checking out the driving range, or Mulligan's excellent Painkiller, from Road Town, take Waterfront Drive towards West End. Turn left into the entrance for Nanny Cay Marina. Mulligan's is immediately on your left.

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